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An index of Kigurumi on Jovina's site

Many people do not realize this, but there is LOTS of kigurumi on my site!  The problem is; how to organize it for those people who are interested in kigurumi, but not female masking.  Some of this information was on the "Knapcon" site and some was on my Facebook page (destroyed by Facebook to keep trolls safe).  So I pulled them all together on this site and created this index page to find pictures of kigurumi within my site, as well as pictures from Kigurumi themed conventions (mostly anime or sci-fi).  In addition to these, there are many pictures in the furry section that have kigurumi performers in them. 

The first link here is to an index page that shows conventions where kigurumi was presented, either by a group of performers, or myself performing at a convention, such as sci-fi.

The second link is to an index page of kigurumi pictures taken at gatherings at my house.  Some of these are of just me, some are large gatherings of performers.

The third link is to an index page of kigurumi information, both on the main site and in this section.

The second column on the link pages indicates if these pages are unique, or part of the main site.  All the linked pages will open in new windows. 


Kigurumi conventions.

Kigurumi conventions

Kigurumi gatherings.

Kigurumi gatherings

Kigurumi information.

Kigurumi information