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An index of Kigurumi on Jovina's site

 Kigurumi conventions.  These include gatherings of Kigurumi performers as well as my own appearances at other conventions.  The second column indicates if these pages are unique, or part of the main site. All pages will open in a new window.  Links to the main site often have sub-menus at the bottoms of the pages to see all the pages for that event, so be sure to check all the pages.

Anime North 2016 Unique
Anime North 2015 Unique
Anime North 2013 :(sub-menus) Main site
Anime North 2012 :(sub-menus) Main site
Knapcon 2014 Unique
Knapcon 2013 Unique
Knapcon 2012 Unique
Knapcon 2011 (Spring Fling 2011) :(sub-menus) Main site
Knapcon 2010 (Spring Fling 2010) :(sub-menus) Main site
Matsuricon 2014 Unique
Matsuricon 2013 Unique
Matsuricon 2012 :(sub-menus) Main site
Otakon 2013 Unique
Otakon 2012 Unique
Otakon 2011 :(sub-menus) Main site
Otakon 2010 :(sub-menus) Main site
Otakon 2009 Unique
Otakon 2008 :(sub-menus) Main site
Otakon 2007 :(sub-menus) Main site
(By myself)
Balticon 2014 Main site
Balticon 2003 Main site
Katsucon 2014 :(sub-menus) Main site
Philcon 2016 Main site
Philcon 2013 Main site
Philcon 2012 Main site