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Jovina's Halloween Happening

Well, Jovina has had another "infamous gathering" at her house!  This time for celebrating that all time favorite holiday of cross-dressers.... Halloween!  In attendance (but not all at the same time), were me, Marti, Morganna, De, Nancy Boots, and Carolyn.  We went to two Halloween parties, and of course, took lots of pictures!  Use the links at the bottom of the page to see the pictures from different days.


For this event, I constructed a rack to hold the masks.  Here it is with only some of my masks and Marti's masks on it!  Can you identify them?  The answers are right here in very hard to read color!

Mask Answers:  Top row, left to right (Mine):  Paul Barrett-Brown, "Anabeth" by Cyn, Paul Barrett-Brown, "Emeraald" by Kerry, "Alice" by Kerry, "Lisa" by Kerry, "Sheila" by Kerry, "Classic Kerry" by Kerry, and "Crystal" by Kerry.  Middle row, left to right (Marti's):  "Elli" by Makupartists, "Classic Kerry" by Kerry (special Goth paint!), "Lisa" by Kerry, "Crystal" by Kerry, "Emeraald" by Kerry, Paul Barrett-Brown, Paul Barrett Brown, Paul Barrett-Brown, "Lisa" by Kerry.  Botton row, left to right (Mine) "Baby Doll", "Rue Paul", Paul Barrett-Brown, repainted She (JET), "Barbie",  repainted Michael Myers, repainted She (Alien Princess), my original "Philcon" mask.