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Costumecon 2003

CostumeCon 2003 was held in April in Skokie, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  I went out there and Met Morganna at the hotel and enjoyed three days of fun at the event.  Here are some pictures of me taken there.  I also did a whole sequence of shots at the hotel pool which will be displayed elsewhere on this site as "Jovina goes Swimming".... what fun!


Oh look, LOOK!  He just followed me home, can I keep him, huh, HUH?  Pretty PLEEEEEASE!



Oh well, I'll just change my look a bit and go out for a while, but first, got to brush my hair! 


Hmm, not bad, but maybe a different color!


And here is reporter Jovina, coming to you from the suburbs of the windy city.... No snow to report this time, but yes it is windy.  Now if I can just get somebody to drive this hotel shuttle....


See, he really loves me, he keeps following me.... can I keep him....huh, huh, pretty PLEASE!!!!!  I'll take care of him and feed him and clean up after him and everything.... PLEASE!!!!!!