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The Miscellaneous Page!

This is the page where I will put those items which do not fit in with the theme on other pages. Eventually they may get their own pages, but for now, they will collect here. I am converting these to thumbnails for faster loading, so if the picture is small, try clicking on it for a larger view.

The schoolgirl outfit (Grace) This is the "school-girl costume that I created. It was going to be used if I went to two separate costume parties at the same club. That did not happen, and so the costume did not get used.....this year. I decided to name her "Grace".

And they said I didn't have a prayer! This delightful piece of art was created by Morganna Blackwood and sent to me. I have included it here for your enjoyment. If you would like to go to Morganna'a web page, just click on the picture.

And they said I didn't have a prayer! Jovina once contemplated the chaste life. Here she pauses for a moment of prayer before facing the children at school.

Spare the rod, this REALLY gets their attention! Perhaps Sister Jovina's ideas of discipline were just a little too harsh for the other sisters to tolerate!

Remember me from the home page? Here I am in my Sheila mask by Kerry. It used to be on the home page, but it has been replaced. May go back someday.


Here I am in the classic Kerry mask with open eyeholes.  Another former front page picture.

I keep flapping but I can't get off the ground! Here I am in my "Classic Kerry" mask wearing the outfit that I wore to the TGEA Mardi Gras party. I won! I did not have this mask on there, I had a silver one with a beak! But I figure you people will like this one better.

Jovina's Mom Just had to throw in a picture of my mom. She just loved to roller skate back in the 50's when this poodle skirt was in fashion. Still looks good after all these years!

The Michelle Meyers mask by Don Post <This is a "Michelle Myers" or "Michael Myers' girl friend" mask which is new from Don Post this year. Although it is intentionally made to look "freaky", with a repaint and a decent wig, it will probably look very nice. It is very good quality, good thick latex, and fits very snuggly on the face.

Michelle Meyers with better hair! Here is the same mask with a better wig on. This is the same wig as the "school-girl" pictures. Looking better already.

Wanna get bombed? Now Jovina! You're not going to fly your stealth fighter like that! They'll pick up that hair from miles away!

I feel like dancing! I figured that I needed more shots with the home-made mask. Here I am in a body suit (leotard actually) with the "Ginger Twist" wig again.


emptytorso.jpg People have asked about the "Proto-type" torso on my special message page.  Well here is what it looks like, it is very thin, and has a large neck hole that I wiggled in through.  It is very fragile and not really intended for use, it was just to check the size.  An experiment on the road to "the real thing".

Here is the masked police picture! A little surprise for those who bother to hunt through the site!