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Unique female masks

APRIL FOOL FROM JOVINA!!!!!!   For those of you with a sense of humor, enjoy.  For those of you without one, I never said that these female masks were human or that they were pretty, so there! 


Oh look!  A little bird flew in! 


My but you do look good in black my dear! 


OK officer, you say that your dad was a tiger and your mom was a Leopard?  You're not LION to me now are you....... I don't like CHEETAHS!


Care to horse around a bit?


ARRROOOOO!  All those wolves cruising around are gonna be looking for you honey!


You say that when you diet, you always lose the weight off your face?  I think you need a new diet dear, you've been using that one too long.


Granny, I told you you could not be in this photo shoot...... OK, the dress looks lovely dear, by you really need to update the shoe collection!


And finally we have our guest masker from the planet Fauxfemme.  Very pretty dear in an alien sort of way!