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Jovina's Snow Ball

Well now, it seems that people were getting restless for another one of my "infamous gatherings", and since it had been six months since Slop-on, it was time for another.  Being mid February, what to call it?  How about "SnowBall"?  That's it "Jovina's SnowBall".  And did it ever live up to its name, largest blizzard in Maryland recorded history!  Well over 2 feet of snow fell, and it drifted up over 3 feet in areas!  but we enjoyed ourselves immensely!  We went shopping, we painted masks, we took pictures (over 1400!), we even shot video.  All from Thursday night until Tuesday morning.  Because of the weather conditions, several of the attendees were not able to make it, and we had "only" five maskers on hand, but far more "characters" than that.  So be patient, it will take a little while to sort out all the pictures, but we will get there! 


Who says that Paul Barrett Brown masks are scarce?


Here at Jovina Labs we are attempting to breed female masks.  This is our current herd.


Despite my best efforts to clean up the place, I did not complete the task on schedule, and so I was properly punished!


We explored new technologies at SnowBall.


And of course we went shopping.  Here is Marti, Morganna, our saleslady Triniti (see her on the friends site), and yours truly, Jovina!


OK, everybody rise and shine....


We used our trans-dimensional masking communicator to attempt contact with lost maskers....... are you there Diane Richards?


Did I forget to mention that it was Valentine's day weekend?


Did I happen to mention that it snowed at SnowBall!  Here is your Snowbunny reporter Jovina giving a live report on the conditions outside.  And it snowed for another day after this was taken!


Remember the Male to Female Transformation series?  Well, we recreated it.  Check it out here:

Male to Female transformation