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This is my first ever public masking experience. These pictures show the outfit that I wore. Eventually I will try to add the few pictures from the event that did not blur (it's tough to focus while masked!).

Ready for anything! Here is the defiant look!

A little gentler looking Surprised perhaps?

A little gentler looking Showing off the figure here :)

Working out those arms! Oh Jovina! You should stick with puffy sleeves!

I love a girl in a short skirt and a loooong jacket! I had the coat with me, but left it at the hotel, it was too warm!

Miss wide eyes! Trying to look sweet and innocent!

The wild hair picture! It's tough to control your hair when you have limited peripheral vision.

Who, ME? I guess I just have to hold this hair down!

This is a very logical thing to do. What lies beneath! Since it was a sci-fi convention, I gave the mask Vulcan style ears and eyebrows, but nobody noticed them under that hair!