Jovina's Masking Site

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday?  Yes, that's right folks, this site went on line "officially" on November 28, 2001.... so it is now one year old! 


Don't bother clicking on me here, I'm full size already: but hoping to lose it again!  I was going to jump out of a cake....but I ate it!

Yes, my many fans out whole year of Jovina's masking site!  In that year I have purchased several female masks plus lots of wigs, boots, shoes, clothing.......I had some before, but the collection has exploded in this time!  I have built this site up from the initial five pages to it's current size of 57 pages and hundreds of pictures..... have you seen them all?    Also during that time, I put on "Mini-Maskon", "Slop-on", and attended "Maskon 2002".  As I write this, my home page counter stands at almost 40,000 hits, but that is only the home page, I have seen the internal counters go over 1,000 hits a day on occasion!  I have also set up the friends site  which regularly reaches its maximum allowed bandwidth, and also "Jovinafun" where I posted my Anthrocon pictures (check it occasionally for new events).  I have also been sending in regular contributions to Kerry's Mask Mailing List.  I have now filled up 75% of my allocated space on this site and regularly shut down due to bandwidth limitations.  Do I start removing stuff to make more room, or bite the bullet and buy more space?  I don't make any money off this site, so maybe I should sell ad space to finince an expansion.....  What to do, what to do......   So pardon me for "blowing my own horn" here (OK, it's a one valve bugle if you want to get technical....Jeesh!).  And so I start my second year on site.  

And now I turn into Jovina NAG!  All those people out there looking at my site..... and where is YOUR contribution?  So many people out there, and so few who do anything to help.  Kerry frequently has to beg people to contribute to the MML, and Marti is always looking for more pictures for the gallery... so many just want to sit back and look, we do actually have lives off line, so please EXCUSE US if we don't update as often as you like!  I KNOW that I am not the only person on this planet who is masking, so come on and share those pictures and stories!  Having run this site for a year now has also given me an appreciation for all the other people out there who do have sites of their own..... so to all you others out there with sites, the ones who send in pics for my friends page, the ones who write stories for the MML, the ones who attend events in mask.... a nice big THANK YOU  and a big hug from Jovina!  Keep up the good work!  For those of you who just bitch that you want more, what would you do if it wasn't