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Jovina.... MOVIE STAR!

Hello all!  Jovina is making her big break into the movie business!  In September 2002, I went to a movie shoot done by Conrad Brooks, movie producer and actor.  He has Jovina playing two roles in his newest movie (sorry, can't tell you the title yet!).  Conrad's career goes back to the 1950's when he was a friend of the legendary Ed Wood and acted in such famous cult classics as "Glen or Glenda" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space"...... and today he is still acting and producing his own "direct to video" movies.  OK, so maybe it's not the big screen, but hey!  there are a lot of VCRs out there, and who knows which Hollywood great will discover me!  I'll let you know when it comes out and what the title is.... 

News Flash!  July, 2003...... The movie "Hillbilly Monster - Son of Jengal" has now been released and is for sale.  It runs 80 minutes in length and is only available directly from Conrad Brooks.  The bad news is that my masked part got cut down to a mere 80 seconds in the movie..... SIGH!  Yes, the Mae West part is still there, but the earth goddess is gone.... I'll have to see if I can get the out-takes from Conrad.  Would you believe you can actually order this from Yes you can, but only if you like grade B horror flicks!


Well darlings, you probably recognize the "Earth Goddess" outfit.  Here I am ready for my first part. 


Here I am relaxing between the scenes, and being the queen of the set...... 


Here I am with one of the actresses in the film.  Since Jovina's voice is just a little "off" (I don't know why!), she was my voice in the movie.


And here I am in a tender moment with my leading man in the film..... is he enjoying himself there?


And here I am in my second part in the film.....sorry about the quality of the picture, the lamp fooled the flash to not fire.  Oh well...


My gosh is that Mae West?  No honey, it's just little ole Jovina dressed up for her part.  Trust me, the video looks better with all the movie lights on