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Maskon 2002, Saturday

On Saturday morning, we had a visit from Brittany Rose, and then went shopping at "Studio Lites", a fetish shop that caters to cross-dressers.  I highly recommend a trip there if you are in Denver!  On Saturday night, we went to a club, "60 South" and watched the stage show hosted by Anita Cocktail.  I think we surprised the performers! 


Officer Rogue is making sure that Brittany behaves herself! 


Now I'm in my street clothes and posing with Brittany.....who is trying out the Natori mask!


Kerry decided to wear the Natori mask to the club that night.


Checking herself out in the mirror in the lobby.


And here is work....REALLY!....It's her job!


And here I am with Kerry out in the look a little misty eyed, dear!


And here is our group at the table in 60 South.....Marti worked the camera for us on this night....