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Maskon 2002, Friday

In addition to the photo shoot in the Natori mask, Kerry allowed me to try on her own Michelle mask.  She also brought along the Alice mask that Mikalya wore for the photo shoot, and I purchased it.  J.D. and Rhonda dropped in for a visit, and when they left, we went shopping at "Rave's", and "The Wizard's Chest".   We dressed up to go to another club on Friday night, but never found it, and so we shot a video back at the hotel.


Again, Rhonda's gentle touch helps me with my outfit.


Another view of me in the Alice if I can only achieve that body....


OK Miss Rogue, if you don't have a hall pass, you're in big trouble!


Is this color appropriate for Halloween?  Allright, who said I look like an escpaed convict?


They're onto me!  I'm taking the school-girl hostage!


Guess I'll buy some new clothes here to change my appearence...... shopping at Rave's.....


Rogue seems to be interested in a few items....


Excuse me Miss Kerry, did somebody forget her shoes?


I guess we are all going for the basic black look.


Although Rogue seems to do it a little bit better!  MEOW!