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Halloween 2001 Page

Here are pictures of me at some of the events that I attended this Halloween, the crossdresser's national holiday!

I started off by joining a group of people at "Night Dreams" to go into DC to see the "Drag Races". Each year on the Tuesday of the week before Halloween, the police close off a four block area near Dupont Circle for the drag race. Entry requirements consist of: you must be a male, you must be in high heels! I did not run, but I watched, and the crowd did so love my outfit! This is basically the same one that I wore to the Millenium Philcon.

Next event was a party at "Legends" in Frederick, MD on October 27. This is the first time that I wore the "Sheila" mask by Kerry in public. The pink outfit is by "Leg Avenue" with added boots and my home-made hat. Again the crowd loved the outfit, and I had a blast!

The final Halloween event was a party at "Polly-Esthers/Culture Club" in Rockville, MD on October 31. I again wore the pink outfit and again was a hit with the crowd, although it was a little more sedate than the Saturday event. I had a good time again and lots of compliments from the crowd.

My black outfit at Night Dreams This picture shows me at "Night Dreams" where a bunch of us gathered to go downtown.

Out in the streets! This picture was taken of me in the middle of 17th St. in Northwest DC which had been closed off by the police.

Ready to gogo out for the night! This was taken at a friend's house before the party started. She was not expecting me and had no idea who I was until I told her. She got a good laugh out of it! So here I am getting into the mood.

Raise your right hand and repeat after me..... Here I am in the lineup for the costume contest at Legends. I did not win anything other than a participation award, and many people told me I was cheated! Don't you agree?

Simply irresistable! One of the sweet and friendly people that I met at Legends that night, isn't she lovely?

I solomnly swear to say whatever I want! Here is another shot of the lineup at Legends. Good thing that mirror is there so that you can see my boots, the photographer cut them off!

I wear my sunglasses at night.... Another shot at PE/CC. The photographer has cut off my legs again! And they are one of the best parts!

MEOW! This is the only other person that I met who was masked and dressed in vinyl! This picture was taken at Polly-Esthers/Culture Club.

Party On? The partying is over and it's two AM. Wake up Jovina dear girl, you still need to get out of that outfit before you go to bed!