Jovina's Masking Site

Jovina's 13th Anniversary!

My God, has it been 13 years already since Jovina's Masking Site went on line for the first time?  Yes it has!  Many of you have probably noticed that it does not get updated as often as it used to.  Blame old age, gaining weight, and a crappy economy for that!  Not as much energy as I used to have, and many of my outfits don't fit any more due to weight gain!  Hopefully I will get that under control again.  But economy?  Yeah, everybody is broke and can't afford to travel around and have meet-ups any more... including me, no job for over a year and a half now.  That is where that old age kicks in, people don't want to hire engineers my age!  But I do have some new pictures for you.  I have not given up masking, and I have gotten three new masks in the last half year.  So with that, I present a new black gown that I purchased on ebay worn with a Jessica mask from Kerry, and also a white kitty kigurumi mask that I made myself.  Enjoy!