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Philcon 2013

The second weekend of November this year found me at Philcon 2013 held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Philcon is the oldest running sci-fi convention in the US (world perhaps) and this year did not disappoint.  I took along two hall costumes, my elegant ball gown with a Susan mask from Kerry and my newest home-made mask, a white kitty.  The ball gown I combined with tall blond hair and a laser cut eye mask that hid the edges of the Susan mask, making it hard to tell that my face was covered.  Since the winner of the white kitty at Knapcon did not use the name "Yuki Koneko", I will call this one by that name, it means "Snow Kitten" and here she is appropriately dressed in an all white Miko outfit.  I received many compliments on both outfits.

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The following pictures were taken on Friday night during the time travels ball. I am wearing one of Kerry's Susan masks with a laser cut metal mask over it

The following pictures were taken on Saturday night during the masquerade. Iam wearing a home-made kitty mask, from the same mold as the Knapcon door prize and black kitty masks