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Anime North 2013

For Memorial Day Weekend this year, I again headed up to Anime North in Toronto, Canada.  This is a very large anime convention and is becoming a magnet for Kigurumi performers.  I joined up with Miss Kiki, Splint, MJ, Mihifu Axan and Pool Trooper for the weekend.  Also in attendance were Dracon with several other performers that I do not know.  They did not interact much with us, and so I don't have many pictures to show of them. 
I arrived on Thursday afternoon and left on Monday, with the only hassle of the trip being crossing the border into Canada.  Apparently the Canadian guards thought that anime lovers with costumes must be pretty dangerous and so I was delayed while they took my luggage apart and went through my laptop.  After an hour,  they decided I was not TOO dangerous and allowed me to proceed.

Part of the group during the Saturday night webcam session!