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Philcon 2012

For November 9 to 11, I headed up to Cherry Hill, NJ for Philcon 2012.  This is somewhat special in that it was at Philcon 2001 that I wore a female mask in public for the first time.  I did not have a photographer with me, so had to do my own camera work with timer.  Two latex masks and one Kigurumi mask.  Yes, the skirt is the same one as in the Halloween photos, just a steam-punk treatment instead of a pirate!

Me with a steam punk look

Another view

Another pose

A Victorian look

The dress is green tafetta and is from

Getting the hair a bit straighter

Cloe makes an appearence

Cloe is a "Kigurumi" mask

Another view

Aout in the hallway

One of the panels

Out in the hallway

Out in the hallway

Out in the hallway

Stephanie Burke!

Another panel, not the same one as before!

Stephanie at a panel