Jovina's Masking Site

Spring is Here!

Spring has finally arrived for real!  And with it has arrived a new Emeraald mask.  All my masks gathered around to welcome her, and they crowned her the May Queen.  This is one of the outfits I plan to take to Balticon (see the info page). 

Two heads are better than one....but why stop!

My new Emeraald mask arrived, and I just had to dress in latex to welcome her.  All my masks came out of the closet just to meet her!

Hi everybody!!!

Don't I look sweet!

It's not nice to foo mother nature!

Here I am in my domain (yard).

But where are my subjects?

Shouldn't there be a Maypole here (or a ham radio tower)?

I love spring!!!

And what magic may I do for you?

Add to shopping list....longer gloves!

I hereby cast a spell of enchantment and joy upon all maskers of the world!