Jovina's Masking Site

A Special Message!

HI!  I've been "On-line" for three months now and look at that counter!

Update.... the counter is gone, and I have removed from here references to the mask mailing list and other things that don't exist any more


Hello Everybody!  It has been only six months since my first public mask adventure and three months since I first built this site.  And look at that counter!  It was at 12,660 yesterday on my three month celebration.  That's almost a thousand hits a week!  WOW!  My head is swelling up and making my masks tight!  Phew, OK, just let me catch my breath after that one......    You might wonder about the picture above, yep, that's me alright.  I'm trying out "experimental torso Revision #1".  Several people said they wanted to see "Baby Doll" again, and so here she is!  I have already found several other maskers in the area and even met a few of them.  I am hoping in the near future to do some collaborative projects with picture taking and mask making, so be sure to keep looking (Oh, I so love to see that counter climb!).  Many people have E-mailed me and asked how I did specific things, such as make the home-made mask.  The most common question though?  "When are you putting up something new?"  WELL!!!! In case you haven't notice, I've been putting up new stuff all over the place.  So here I am going to "throw it back" at some of you.  When are YOU going to put up something?  Remember, it is only through sharing what we have that there is anything at all to see.  Do you really want a World Wide Web that is nothing but advertisements?  Well then, get out there and contribute!  We are all just a-flutter waiting to see what YOU have been up to!
Well then.....Take care, and drop back in any time!