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Otakon 2008, page 1

At Otakon 2008, Kiki Feegata came down to stay at my house and brought Athena with her.  For Friday I dressed up as Cloe the Bratz doll using the head which I bought from Kanakig.  There were plenty of photo ops while standing in line and everybody wanted a picture with Cloe!  Later, a group of us went down to the inner harbor and guess what?  Everybody wanted to take pictures!  Later than evening, we attended a panel on Kigurumi that was presented by Miharu and we got several group pictures.  Be sure to click the link at the bottom of this page to see pictures from Saturday!


Here I am in the parking garage getting ready to head on out.


And the hugs start....


Well, hello there; somebody told me that you had a dark side... got any chocolate on you?


Mommy, mommy, she followed me home, can I keep her, huh, huh, hun?  I promise to take care of her and she can clean my room.... whoops....


My legions of fans call for me!


Ohhhhh, so much stress!  I need help!


My helpers should be here at any moment!


Now here's the plan, we dazzle them all with CUTENESS, and then take over the city!


That's it, look cute, they should start coming any moment!


SEE!  Hey down there, down be scared, we are all cute and cuddly!


Ahh, the plan is working!


A picture taken at the Kigurumi panel on Friday night!