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Horrorfind 2007

In early August, I headed over to "Horrorfind" in Timonium, MD for a little fun.  I ran into several old friends there and had my usual fun freaking out "Kim" from Kim's Crypt.  The most fun was when I went into the autograph room... here were actors and actresses from many films, and some of them were coming over to me for pictures!  Unfortunately, my photographer did not catch me goofing off with Michael Gross, but he did catch me with Caroline Williams: .  She really loved my outfit!


I am terrible with names!  I know this person from previous years, he is a friend of Conrad Brookes (who was there but I never saw him).


Of course we did have to get a picture together!  He said that the facial prosthetics came from Northfur: (Dead site?) A company that I have seen many times at Anthrocon.


And here is Kim, trying to look calm and peaceful... guess I'll just have to stroke these nails on her face a little...


Ahh, there's the Kim we all know!  You can find her site at: .  If you see her, tell her "Jovina sent me"... that will freak her out again...hehehe.


And here we have Scream Queen Leanna Chamish, a local movie legand.


And you can find her at:


And here we have a very patient bunch.... the "Patient Creatures" to be exact.  Let's see, I'm plugging everybody else here, so:


And finally here is that picture that I promised of Caroline Williams.  Here is her site again:  .  Check out the films that she has been in... would you believe that she got the willies when I stroked her arm with the nails?  Who would have thought it!