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Museum of Sex

The Museum of Sex in New York City opened up a new exhibit: "KINK; Geography of the Erotic Imagination".  I was contacted in advance by Katharine Gates and asked if I would contribute some of my pictures to the exhibit and I said that I would be glad to.  The opening party was well attended, they expected over 400 people, and I was right in the middle of it all!  So for several months, if you are in New York City and go to the Museum of Sex, you can see some of my pictures hanging there, right next to one of Kerry's full body suits.


An overall view of the exhibit, you can see Kerry's suit at the far end.


My pictures on display!


Kerry's suit.


This is a picture taken of the outfit that I wore with the cape and fingernails.  The cape was checked at the door and the fingernails came off when I realized there were too many people to safely wear them!


Kerry and I in the exhibit.  Don't you just hate it when your purse strap knocks your boobs around!


I am not really sure what Kerry was going to do here!


An admirer poses with me!


I know that Robert Hill looks at my site, so I am including his stuff here as well!


The crowd in the exhibit.  The person in the DeMask torpedo tit suit on the right is "Dana", who ran the first Rubber Doll World Rendezvous in 2008. .


Don't you wish every balloon had a girl inside of it?