Jovina's Masking Site

August visitors

In August of 2006, I had visits from two other maskers, but not at the same time.  The first one has asked me to delete her pictures from this site for reasons that I will not go into.  Then later in the week, Kiki stopped in with her new KIG style mask from Fantesca Design.  Have a look!


For those that are curious, I do still occasionally work on the "dollsuit".  Here is the latest version that I tried on with Kiki's help during her visit.  Yes, the head is not laced up and it is not quite right yet, but progress is being made!  This particular suit is a two piece design, made from a "Latex Lover" doll (use a "Letha Weapons" for bigger breasts).  The bottom half comes up to my waist and is held up by suspenders that are underneath the top half.  As you can see, the waist is pinched considerably where the two overlap and bulging a bit above that.  A corset either under the suit or over it would be a considerable help.