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Spring Fling 2006, Wednesday page 1

On Wednesday, we decided to attempt to make another doll suit by spraying liquid latex over a spandex unitard while it was being worn.  Angel was the willing victim and we had plenty of latex on hand.  Each layer was just under a quart of latex, and we sprayed about 10 layers.  Total time was a bit over four hours.


Here is how the suit looked from the back while spraying.


Angel keeps her head up and eyes shut, and holds her breath.  The spray gun is a gravity feed HVLP style gun.


Almost done with the suit.  Notice her hands hanging in the ropes from the ceiling, if she had put them down, they would have instantly glued to the body.  Talcum powder is applied at the end to prevent this.


The hands were shot seperately.  Here they are being given several coats of untinted latex which looks white when wet.