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Spring Fling 2006, Tuesday

On Tuesday, we did a lifecasting session on my head while I was wearing a "SHE" mask.  The intention was to try to capture a good impression of it (it is not being made any more) while conforming to my own head.  Unfortunately, we had a problem with the plaster bandages that we were using and lost the back half of the mold, but the front part that was done in alganate was spared.


Here I am with the freshly applied back shell in place.


A side view of the same.


And a front view.


Here the alganate has been put on the front and covered in burlap to give it more strength.


Notice the all important breathing tubes!


And now the plaster bandages have been added to the front.


A front view with the plaster bandages in place.


Here is the front half of the mold.


And here is the plaster positive.  Needs a little work under the nose and there is a blotchy area on the side, but it is workable.