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Spring Fling 2006, Monday page 1

People have been demanding more pictures of Jovina's feet!  Well, no.  We did a life casting of my feet as part of the dollsuit project that is ongoing.  The intent is to have a cast of my feet where the big toe is seperated from the others and the rest of them together.  That way, a rubber piece made from it would enclose four toes and the big toe seperate, and that way sandels could be worn and it would also add some realism.


This shows the position I want my toes to be in with the big toe seperate from the others.


Yep, those are my feet alright!


Here I am holding bottle caps between my toes to keep the big toes seperate for the casting.


Here I am with the bottom layer of plaster hardening up.  Due to the amount of plaster involved, this got quite warm, but not enough to burn.


Here Vaseline is being applied to the tops of my feet for the next layer.


And here the second layer has been added.  The brownish strip across the back is a dam of clay to keep the plaster from running out the back.  The metal pieces visible are so that we can lift the plaster out easier when it has set.