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Spring Fling 2006, Friday page 3

This was an experiment in making a doll suit.  I found a maternity mannequin and sprayed liguid latex over it with an automotive paint gun.  The purpose was to see if the size was right before I do extensive modifications to it to make a "real dollsuit".  It worked out well, a very good fit on me and Angel and a bit baggy on Jenn.  The problem here was the the manneqin legs were close together and so there was not sufficient latex between the legs to hold together.  I final version would need the legs spread to get sufficient latex spray between them.  No attempt was made to put arms, feet or a head on this suit.... that will all come later.


Me in the suit. 


And a back view


Showing the shoulders


Angel tries it on


A profile shot


Not a bad fit really


Jenn gets lost in the suit


Putting a zipper on this  would be no problem at all!


Holding things together.