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Spring Fling 2006

Due to the popularity of last year's event, we just had to do it again!  So this year, we had nine people at one time or another, spread out over a period of eight days!  We took lots of pictures (of course), we did life-casting, and we had several people try on "dollsuits", including a GG who showed up for several days (another first!).  Last year, we were visited by Natori, this year we had "Sean" from Fantesca Design show up with some of his creations: a tradition in the making?  Having mask makers visit?  Anyway, use the links at the bottom of the page to see them all!


We were visited by "Sean" from Fantesca Design, who brought along some of the masks and costumes that he created for us to try on and examine. Fantesca Design is long gone now.