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The Bureau series

The "Bureau Series", also known as the Male to Female Series, appeared in the Centurian catalog at some point in the past.  At my first "Snowball" event, we got the idea of trying to recreate it, not an exact copy, but similar enough to get a smile from people :)  The original series had 22 pictures in it, but we decided to add a few more.  Each page here has on the left, the picture from the original series, and on the right, the picture we took, plus occasionally, a few extra ones we added.  The last page shows "the cast" that produced the new series.

This page leads to the series and the links can be used to go to any page there.  Also, once you go to any page, you can go forward and backward from that point, or come back to this page.  For newbies, go to page 1 and keep clicking "next" until you get back here :)

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