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Philcon 2005

On the second weekend of December, 2005, I went up to Philadelphia to attend Philcon, a sci-fi convention.  I took along a large suitcase full of costumes and did four changes over the course of the convention.  I hope that you like them!


I decided to see how well my new Roxy mask went along with a priestess robe.


Just hanging around the hallway waiting for a panel to start.


Hi!  Don't be shy, I won't bite!


Since this costume has worked well several times this year, I brought it along here as well.


Just another pose.....


On Saturday night, there was an "Anime Mixer" scheduled.  Of course I had to be appropriately dressed!


I always need a hall shot or two so you people will know that I actually wore these outfits in public and not just in my room!  What gives people ideas like that!


OH!  You caught me doing a costume change, this is a phone booth, isn't it?


Don't you just love this new wig?  I think it has the princess look to it....


Sorry about the blurriness, I didn't take the picture!  Two women in the hallway nervously come over to get in a shot.