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Midwest Furfest 2005

On the third weekend of November, I headed out to Chicago to "Midwest Furfest", a "Furry" convention.  There I met Morganna and several other mask enthusiasts.  Although I spent most of my time participating in the furry events, there was of course time to do some female masking and picture taking.  I even did a little heavy editting on some of them to create an alien scene, those of you who have been to O'Hare airport may recognize the background.  But I have thrown a few furry shots in here also to keep you on your toes!


HI! Welcome to the convention hotel!  For those who haven't seen it, this is the fursuit that I made.


FIrst order of business was to get some pictures with other furries!  This is "Zig Zag".


Actually this is Morganna in my fursuit, she was being a bad girl so we locked her in as punishment and as you can see, she is really hating it.


We were visited by several people who were interested in female masks, here Morganna is chatting with one of them.


I think they are getting into it just fine......


There is a GG in this picture, can you guess which one?


I did indeed appear in public in mask, there just weren't many pictures to document the event!


Morganna makes sure that our guests do not leave prematurely....


There is at least one GG in this picture... or is it two, no wait, none?  Gosh, sometimes things get so confusicated!


Ahh, but they do seem to be enjoying themselves!


This is "Kat".  She dropped in to say hello and meet everybody.  MMM. latex....


"And as the refugees fled down the dimensional tunnel, the Techlurian fem-droids strafed the invading enemy with their portable zeta ray cannons"..... Hehehe, aren't photo editing programs fun?