Jovina's Masking Site

Halloween 2005

Well, first there was going to be Jovina's Halloween Happening 2005, then it was going to be a trip to Necronomicon.  But those plans fizzled out and I celebrated Halloween locally.  I had two costumes ready to take to Necronomicon, I wore one to a Halloween party, and the other one I put on and appeared on webcam and took a few for the site here.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Well, not the best pictures ever taken of me, but that is what happens when you need to rely on the kindness of strangers....


But then the lady taking the picture for me said she wanted something to blackmail her boyfriend with....hehehe. Sure, why not.


And this lady just LOVED my fingernails!


Look! LOOK!  It's somebody wearing a female mask!


And there is another one!  Gosh, female masking must be going mainstream!


Hmmm, no female mask here!  So why this picture?  This lady (the vampire) was the only person there who recognized Jovina when she came in.  And why is that?  Well, check this picture from 2001: Halloween 2001


I know you all have seen the schoolgirl outfit and the Renee mask before.....


But check out the blue foam rubber hair!  It came from Hot Topic and was half price just before Halloween for only $11!


Every well rounded school-girl (NO snide remarks!) needs to study a variety of subjects....


Including a little basic swordsmanship....


Hehehehe!  I'm tickled pink!  Yes, the hair comes in pink too!


What?  School-girls shouldn't play with swords?  OK, I'll just play with this little toy instead!