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Horrorfind 2005

"Horrorfind", the local convention for Horror enthusiasts was held on the third weekend of August.  I decided that Jovina definately needed to make an appearence and needed an appropriate outfit.  Of course, I was an instant hit!


Oh Look!  It's an innocent victim!


Here I am posing with the "Patient Creatures".


I never fail to freak out "Kim" from "Kim's Krypt".  FInd her lurking in cyberspace at:


And here the "Button Lady" wants a hug.... she really liked my nails!


Ahhh, the lovely Leanna Chamish, an actress with both movie and TV appearences to her credit!  Check out her site at


It didn't take too much prompting for her to demonstrate her screaming expertise!


Those of you who lived in the Washington, DC area during the late 70's and early 80's may remember Count Gore De Vol, the host of Saturday Night Creature Feature on WDCA.  Well, the count is still with us (Vampires are hard to kill after all!) and has a website at


Come my dear, you ARE thrilled to see me, aren't you?  Let me get somebody else to show you....


There we go, much better!


A LOVELY staff person!  Did the electric knife get out of hand, dear?


Due to the size of the crowd, I decided not to wear my wings at the convention, but I figured you would all want to see them anyway!