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Mini-Maskon 2002, Friday, page 1

Mini-maskon is now over!  It took place at the Balticon Sci-fi convention in Baltimore, MD USA on Memorial day weekend!  We had five maskers in attendence.....and we had a blast!  This first page was put up less than a week after it was over and contains a few "teaser" shots.  There are several more pages of pictures up now, so go to the bottom of the pages to move around among them!

Group shot

And here is our group of Merry Maskers!  On the left is Morganna, and next to her is Marti.  The colorful lady in the center in White Orchid, our long distance winner!  Next is yours truly in my newly finished PBB mask.  And on the right side is Jenn Fox, making her mask debut. 

WO and Jovina

Here is White Orchid in one of Marti's Paul Barrett Brown masks, and yours truly in my newly finished PBB mask.  She was so pretty I just couldn't resist a nice big hug!

What ARE we looking at anyway?

Here is most of our group.....Morganna was taking this picture.   On the left, Jenn seems to be contemplating the whole scene.  Next in line, I am also feeling a bit pensive.  Obviously all of this is not new to Marti!  And I believe that White Orchid is just astonished by the whole thing!


Our "Spiritual Leader" of this event.....Marti returns.....

What are you doing to that poor creature?

Since Morganna was not in the picture above, I am giving you one of her.   An amused bystander appears to be getting ready to give her a goose, Oh my!

The boopsie twins!

For those of you out there who liked one baby doll, how about two.  That's me on top, and Morganna below.