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Jovina meets Morganna, page 1

On the weekend of January 4, 2002, Jovina was flying around the country (like I do this alot :) and dropped in on Lady Morganna. She also likes masks very much and is a costumer. In a mere 24 hours, we made some really nice pictures, and here are some of them. Morganna is also going to post some of them on her site and we will send some of them to Marti for the Maskon Gallery (we must all share!). Use these links to go see more! Please be patient, they may not update them when this one is ready!

Jet on bed.

I told Morganna that I had a surprise waiting for her, I had JET greet her! And here she was expecting to be greeted by Jovina!

How do I look?

I do believe that Morganna did enjoy the little surprise!

Are you cold, my dear?

Now to roll up my sleeves and get to work. Oops! too far, now I'll get cold!

Things are starting to warm up now.

Ahh! I know how to warm up, this is a start.

Morganna and Jovina

Now that I'm in something comfortable Morganna, let's make some pictures!

Jovina and Morganna are warming up!

What would happen if two maskers kissed?

What is going on here?

I do believe that something is happening here....your hair seems different my dear!

Hmmm, something is going on here!

I'm sure that something has happened here!

What happened?

Morganna my dear! Did you find this to be an eye opening experience?

Why not try again?

I love what happened to your mask! I'm going to kiss it right off of you! hehehe.

Oh my!  I believe we have switched heads!

My oh my! I didn't think we could both do it at the same time!

Checking the equipment!

Well at least the rest of me seems to have stayed put!

Don't let the blood rush to your head!

Perhaps if I put my feet up I'll feel less light headed! Tee hee.

What happened to Jovina?

I certainly do feel different now!

That's it girl, slow and easy!

That's better, I almost feel like I can stand up again!


Wow! Did I stand up too fast? My head feels like it's on backwards!

Jovina is borrowing a new look!

Tee hee, I've turned into a baby doll! I feel so pretty, what do you think?

Ahhh, but now Morganna and Jovina are getting tired and need their precious beauty sleep!    But the fun did continue the next day.