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A Little Kig

I recently purchased a Kigurumi style mask from "Kanakig" and wore it to the "Katsucon" anime convention in Alexandria, VA.  Unfortunately, I gave the convention extremely low marks and after a mere three hours, left.  I only got one picture of myself there (courtesy of a friendly bystander) and so I took more when I got home with help from SherriLeather.  This mask is very different from my other ones, it is made of "FRP" (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and is rigid, but see what you think!


Now let's see, I left my head laying around here somewhere!


Here it is, the one picture that I have of myself at the con.  Many other people took pictures of me, but alas, they will probably not appear on line.


BTW, this dress was purchased in a mall in Maine, they had them up to size 54 (Chinese size) at only $20 each!


When wearing a mask like this, it is very important to wave and make gestures to people (friendly now!), since you cannot do things like wink at the ladies...


Oh my!  You think that I am beautiful?  Why THANK YOU!


Come closer now, I won't bite!


Let me just smooth out my hair for you a bit.....


Why of course you may see the back.... what do you mean you need to zoom out?


Gosh, looking beautiful can be such hard work!  Mind if I sit down?


I think I will just stay here and rest for a while!