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Valkyrie Pig

This page shows the construction and final result of the "Valkyrie Pig" costume that I made for Anthrocon 2015 when the theme was "Viking Invasion". There are more pictures in the furry section under "Anthrocon 2015"


To start out with, I covered a cheap playground ball with fiberglass.  I did leave a big gap in the bottom.


Then the ball was popped and removed, and the bottom hole smoothed up.


A block of styrofoam was glued to the front and a snout carved out, then it was covered in fiberglass.


Eyes were cut from plastic Christmas ornaments and foam cheek inserts were glued on.


Here the head is covered with fiberfill sheet to give it some padding.  The ears were cut from foam and window screen was painted for the eyes.


Here the head has been covered with flesh colored cotton and the wig test fitted.  The plastic eye covers have been glued on and the upper part covered with material for eyelids.


Side view.


And now eye lashes have been made from eye-lash strips from a beauty supply store.


Side view.


All done!  Norse mythology says that Valkyries shape shifted into crows and appeared at battlefields to collect the souls of the brave fighters to take them to Valhalla.  If you actually saw a Valkyrie in her true form before battle, fight bravely, because it meant that you would be one of the dead and you want to be selected.


The top is steel chain mail, about 16 lbs worth!


By the way, I also took this to Balticon 2016 and won two journeyman awards with it.


The feet were cast in latex from a plaster mold, which was made from a clay sculpt.


That belt was something I found at an antique show many years ago!


Coming for you... fight bravely!