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Philcon 2004

Well, I made my pilgramage up to Philcon in December and had a wonderful time.  I took along my new Kimono which I had made for Halloween Happening and had made some improvements and added a few accessories to it.  I also appeared unmasked in femme mode several times, but I am not including those pictures here, if you wanted to see that, you should have gone!  The Philcon people had a shortage of people entered in the masquerade and so encouraged me to sign up, and so I did.  But alas.... I came away empty handed, they just didn't appreciate such beauty!


Here is a picture that somebody took of me out in the hallway.


And a bit of a close-up of my face.


In case you were wondering how I looked from the back....


Here I am waiting to go out on stage for the masquerade.