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Diabolique, 2004

In Mid November, a fetish ball was held in downtown Philadelphia, PA.  The name of the event was "Diabolique" and it was put on by "Passional", a fetish store in Philadelphia.  Another masker invited me to attend, and we had fun!  We did some pictures before the event as we went shopping around New Hope and Philadelphia PA.  We also paid a visit to the Philadelphia art museum.  We were not able to take pictures at the event itself because cameras were forbidden inside except for the professional photographers who were chosen to attend.  Fortunately, one of them sent me several pictures.  I promised to credit his work, his name was Sandy Ramirez, but his link not longer works.


Saturday morning, we went out shopping, I'm ready!


>A badly overexposed picture on the street in New Hope, PA; but when I ran it through some enhancement, I thought the effect was a bit surreal.... what do you think?


And here I am ready to go to the ball!


And another pose of me, ready to go!


If you thought that I was wearing large, gleaming fingernails, you were right!


A picture by Sandy..... do you think this lady is enjoying this?  Here is where you can find her:


Another inside picture from Sandy, this fine lady wanted to feel my fingernails on her face!  She would like you to visit her at: