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Worldcon 2004, page 1

On Labor Day weekend, I went up to Boston for the Worldcon "Noreastcon 4".  Although I did not do much masking there (I was enjoying the worldcon events), when I did, I got a mess of pictures.... nothing like having a handy photographer in tow.  My hotel was on the other end of a shopping mall from the convention center and so I had to walk through the mall to get there, much to the delight of the public!


First I considered using my Anabeth mask to go out, but I decided to use something that had a shorter neckline to go with the outfit I was wearing.


I am sure my regular fans all recognize this outfit!


Upon leaving the hotel into the mall area, I went through a patio area of the restaurant, much to this group's delight!


Here I am out in the mall area.


First, a stop at the bulletin board.


A cute belly dancer surrenders to Jovina's bigger belly!


Ah look!  It's my cute little friend from Costumecon!


Oh how cute!  How do you put the batteries in?  What?  They are awards of some kind?


A friendly couple wants their picture taken with Jovina!


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?