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The Latex Page

You should have known that latex on your face only is not enough!  Here are a few pieces that I have.

An essential for every girl's wardrobe!

Black latex top, black latex skirt, clear pumps, what more could a lady want? Well.....

Actually, I think this is a maternity dress :)

Now Jovina, bare arms just don't work for you! Trying to hide my cleavage in a low cut dress? No, just hiding the edge of the mask!

With an outfit like this, who needs a raincoat?

Same latex top but with latex leggings and high heeled boots.

Fur and rubber, hard to beat!

Same as above, but taking a rest on some fake fur. Hmmmm.

Can you see the giant rip?  Rubber can be fixed.

Now this one looks a little better, but those bare arms just don't work for you Jovina!