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The Leather Page

OK, I'm cheating just a little, it's mostly leather, but some fake leather, not much though.

I love leather!

Here I am in my "Ginger Twist" wig by Henry Margu with velvet top and Leather skirt. The skirt was only $8 at Goodwill. Pays to shop ladies!

Stop yawning!

Just trying out a different wig. This picture shows what happens when you open your mouth wide while masked!

If you really must know, that is a fake butt, doesn't everybody have one?

Real leather pants, got them for half price! How do you like the white hair?

A little more conservative look for shopping.

Same skirt as the picture to the left, but a turtle-neck top and leather vest.

Yep, this is the "Philcon" skirt again.

OK, a little cheating. This is a fake leather mini-skirt. I just love minis, makes the ladies jealous of my legs!

Fur collar, mmmmmm

Now I'm ready to go out in cold weather. This real leather coat with fake fur collar was only $10 at a flea market!