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HI, I am "Jovina", and I am a heterosexual male, well into middle age. I heard the term "Recreational Crossdresser" once, and consider it appropriate for myself. I recently also took up "female masking" which is why I started this website, so that I could share pictures of my outfits. If "female masking" intrigues you, be sure to check out the "Maskon" site on my links page, if you can't find it there, or a link, it probably is not on the web.  I do my crossdressing mostly at Halloween and events where masquarades take place, I don't go to work like this and only venture out in public to go to places or events where this is acceptable, or on a photoshoot! I have on occasion though put in an appearence on "special request" from people that I know. I live in the Washington, DC area of the United States and travel around the DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania area. And now for some of the common questions.

Why do I do it? Because I like it! I don't understand why, but I am definately not alone. Is a better reason necessary?

Is it a turn-on? Absolutely! There is definately a sensual component here, but I don't consider that wrong. Nobody criticizes a woman for dressing sexy, why not me as long as I am not hurting anybody.

Are you trying to pick up men? NO. No interest here at all. Some have tried, and usually a polite no is sufficient. Curiously enough, I find it easier to meet women this way, they are usually just totally drawn into it and want to know more about me!

Is it "Normal"? Certainly not to a lot of people, but who ever said that being "outside the norm" is bad? I have had people tell me that I should not "violate society's norms", but if everybody adhered to this, there never would have been feminism, and all women would be happy at home in the kitchen, right? Take this thinking to the extreme and you have people like the Taliban.

Am I a woman trapped in a man's body? Definately not, but I do believe that I have more "female" personality traits than most men care to admit. I believe that most men are pressured into "killing off" most feminine personality traits when young. Mine were probably just too durable.

Do I plan on having a sex change? Certainly not! I love what I came with and I just love women.

Why don't I reveal my true identity? Because there are too many narrow minded people around who dis-approve and would not hesitate to harm people like me, even though I don't harm anybody else. I do not rape or molest anybody and don't try to influence children or anybody else other than what they may think when they see me.

Will I meet you face-to-face? I am certainly not going to just go out to meet a perfect stranger just because you E-mail me; I don't know who you are. There are some people who know me and have seen me like this and I trust them. Most of my friends don't know about this at all. I only meet with those who I have known long enough to trust. When I do go out, it is almost always to someplace crowded enough to be safe. But if by some chance you encounter me somewhere in public (very rare indeed!) don't be afraid to talk with me about my "hobby".

Which bathroom do you use? Preferably the one at my house. I try to "attend to business" before I leave the house, and if I don't drink too much (of any fluid!), before or during, I can usually last through the whole "adventure".

Where can I get a Female Mask? Well, several places. Start at and check out what Kerry and Marti offer. Then try "Masks" in a search engine. There are many over the counter masks available for the less discriminating but can still be lots of fun. Or you can try making your own. I am slowly adding details here on how to do this, but there are some sites already out there that explain the process. Try for supplies and instructions.

What else do I like to do?

I am a licensed ham radio operator.
I love playing with computers.
I love old cars, I own several.
I collect old radios.
I collect old cameras.
I collect old things, period!