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RegenerationWho 2015, page 2

I went to RegenerationWho in Hunt Valley, MD.  It was the first year for this event and I saw a lot of costumes there.  Do you see the picture of me with one of the companions?  And a good friend played the first doctor, so lots of pics of him.

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Vastra the Silurian!


A soldier from Unit.

 Sylvester McCoy panel

A different Missy

Missy assaults the doctor in the dark!


First doctor and Susan from "Marco Polo.  Oh, he forgot to take off his glasses!

Another fellow from Unit with the first doctor... with the glasses, oh well.

"Out of the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw this statue move."

"An interesting mechanism, but is it good for anything?"

The ladies all love the doctor!


Oh, the silence!

Sylvester McCoy at his Q&A panel.

He was quite animated.  Ran through the audience fielding questions.

Hard to get a clear picture of him!

Oh well, I tried.

Colin Baker at his Q&A panel, much easier to get in focus!

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