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RegenerationWho 2015, page 1

I went to RegenerationWho in Hunt Valley, MD.  It was the first year for this event and I saw a lot of costumes there.  Do you see the picture of me with one of the companions?  And a good friend played the first doctor, so lots of pics of him.

RegenerationWho 2015, page 2


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Baby Dalek!


Colin Baker and Peri at a panel

 Companions panel, from the left:  Peri (Nicola Bryant), Ace (Sophie (Aldred) Henderson), Victoria (Deborah Watling) and the moderator.

Ace wanted a picture with me so I got one with her as well!



Clockwork Droid from "The Girl in the Fireplace".

Is she a dalek?

Tom Baker dropped by on skype.

A pair of first doctors, my friend is on the left.

And with his Tardis


Do they want a ride?

Doctors lined up for the "Day of the Doctor" photoshoot.

The first doctor with Susan.

My friend with Colin Baker.

My friend with Sylvester McCoy

A "Weapons Dalek"

RegenerationWho 2015, page 2