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On November 28, 2017, my site turns 16 years old, or 8000 human years.  WOW!  Most sites don't last anywhere near that.  So a little celebration is in order.  I gathered a mess of old pictures that NEVER got posted in here for you to enjoy. 

Philcon 2017

Not female mask, but masks anyway. Located in the "other conventions area.

Philcon 2016

I make a doll-like kig mask and doll dress and perform in the masquerade... and win a prize!

Maggie visits

A sister Kigurumi performer pays a visit and we do a photo shoot in a local park

Snow Kitty

We have some snow and so I put on one of my "Anthro-kig" masks and do a quick photo shoot

Valkyrie Pig

Kigurumi meets Furry in a mask that is... different!

April 2014

Just messing around in my femskin, time to take a few pictures!

Katsucon 2014

I attend a local anime con with Miss Kiki and she takes lots of nice pictures of me. Be sure to check out the second page

Back Yard Blades!

Back from Balticon 2003, still in costume, do a photo shoot! The entire shoot is included here to show how many pictures get taken at these

Balticon 2003

Originally posted elsewhere, and lost. Now they are back.


A guide to newcomers.

How do the new divisions in here work?  The main menu above has the navigation bar that was contained on the old site with a few modifications. 

There was a furry section on the site before, but it was a link on the home page only, it is now on the navigation bar.  These contain pages that are not on the main menu. This will open a new tab on your browser

The kigurumi section is new here, and it contains pictures from conventions where there were kigurumi performers present.  There were pages like this in the main menu before and they are still there.  But the new section also contains convention pictures that are not in the main menu.  It also contains links to pages in the main menu that are kigurumi related.  Should I integrate all the kigurumi conventions  into the main menu?  It is a bit of a mess at the moment, but not too hard to figure out. This will open a new tab on your browser

The other conventions section contains links to conventions that I went to, but did not do any female masking or I only took pictures of other people. This will open a new tab on your browser.

A word to the wise... The old location at LYCOS is reverting back to free status on February 17, 2017.  DO NOT GO THERE ANY MORE!  I have deleted everything except for a notice to come here instead and with the current state of LYCOS, there will probably be viruses, trojans, and spyware there (yes, I have verified this!).

Ready to start on year number 17 of Jovina's Masking Site!


Come on in, I won't hurt you!

What's New?

November 28, 2017  The site turns 16 years old!  Look at the column to the left to see all the sweet 16 additions!

August 8, 2017 New pictures!  Taken in Montreal, see the navbar above! 2017!

July 17, 2017 New pictures!  Check the furry conventions section to see new pictures from Anthrocon 2017!

April 11, 2017; WHY don't you people tell me when links are bad!  Or is nobody looking... SIGH.  Anyway, I fixed the picture links for Anthrocon 2016 and MFF 2013 in the furry convention section.

March 4, 2017;  The Matsuricon 2013, Matsuricon 2014, and Otakon 2009 pictures have now been added to the kigurumi section.

March 3, 2017;  A large addition has just been made in the furry and kigurumi sections.  All the old "Jovinafun" site cons were added, which were Anthrocon 2002 to 2005, and Midwest Furfest 2005.  In addition, I created new pages for Furthemore 2013, and for (Texas) Furry Fiesta 2010 and 2011.  In the Kigurumi section, I have created three new index pages; one for conventions, one for my gatherings and one for information.  These links will take you to pictures of kigurumi performers on my main site as well as new pages in this section for conventions.  New here are: Anime North 2016, Knapcon 2014, Knapcon 2013, Matsuricon 2013 ( in process), Matsuricon 2014 (in process), Otakon 2009 (in process), Otakon 2012 and Otakon 2013.  Enjoy!

February 23, 2017;  Just made a big addition to the Furry section.  Anthrocon 2002 to 2005 and Midwest Furfest 2005 were originally displayed on the "Jovinafun" site, which was on Geocities and disappeared long ago.  They have now been pulled up from my archives and displayed on here once again.

February 16, 2017;  See the big announcement to the left!

February 9, 2017: A whole lot is new! If you are seeing this, you are looking at my website in a totally new location. I am in the process of moving it off of LYCOS to some place stable. As of right now, all the material after 2005 has been moved, although some formatting still needs to be done. FURRY and CONVENTION areas are also moved and appear on the menu bar now. There is a new KIGURUMI section, but not much is there yet, the rest of my old site needs to be moved before I start adding more new stuff! And a formerly hidden page "Blackslax" from 2008 is now on the menu bar. Most of the "How to" pages have been moved but still need formatting changes. Most of the links to 2002 through 2005 events are not working yet because I have not moved them here yet. So please be patient, these things do take time to do!